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imm 5646e : custodianship declaration - canada.ca

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Form imm5646 "custodian declaration - canada - templateroller

Instructions  — Prepare The Custodian Declaration By Downloading And Using The Free form Fillable Form To Submit To THE GOVERNMENT'S CUSTODIAN. Print the form and submit it. You are required to fill out the form within 48 hours. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FORM BEFORE SUBMITTING IT.

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If you have any questions please contact my office before 7:30 am (EST) or after 6:30 pm (EST) Monday to Friday.

Custodianship declaration for canada - imm 5646e - immigration

PDF (732 KB) This is a required document that must have been completed by each parent if the name of the recipient is different from the name, date of birth and residence address of the child. The custodial parent may sign the declaration and also be required to sign the consent document. If the consent form was signed at the time of giving birth, each parent must sign a separate declaration. If consent form was signed after the child's birth, this must be signed separately by the child, the non-custodial parent and by every other parent or guardian named in the original statement. If one parent has the child on the basis of a court order, each parent must fill and sign consent form. If the child is the legal wards or dependent children of one or more other persons, this must be signed by each of the other adults. Custody.